Our Ministry Partners

These are a few of our ministries and partner ministry networks. We're here to impact Brevard County and to bring encouragement & purpose to the community around us.


A joint effort by Fire in Action Ministries, Adam Cronan ministries, and Fiducia ministry, goes out into the city monthly to intentionalize the sharing of the gospel as all who join us feel led. This outreach gives the individual who may not be called to the office of evangelist, the opportunity to still carry out the Great Commission that all christians are called to, and practice the everyday lifestyle of personal daily evangelism. We have seen salvation, miraculous healing, and a growing bond between kingdom-minded brother & sisterhood from different church bodies.

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

Is an outreach we do which is totally Holy Spirit led, and takes us wherever He leads us. A team gathers at a location we pray into and feel led to, and from there we allow Holy Spirit to point us towards people to pray for, encourage, prophesy, and minister to in any way we are led by the Spirit of God. This is an outreach that takes place at various times throughout the year.

Homeless Outreach

Occasional outreaches are set up for the sole purpose of reaching out to a sometimes forgotten part of our communities. A variety of items are gathered to feed and clothe the homeless community around us, and we share the love of the Father to make them feel the love of the Father.

D. E. T. (Discipleship & Evangelism Training)

Formerly done as an in home training model, is a new ten-week model we use to first disciple those who have recently joined into the family of believers, and then equipping them for the work of the ministry of the Great Commission in their everyday life. This model is designed to be run in church buildings, so as to encourage new (and old) belligerent to be the adore member of the growing Big C church we are all called to be.

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