About Fire in Action Ministries

Richard Stewart - Founder

Richard is a New York transplant, now enjoying his second stint living in Florida. He attended school in the Northeast, where he earned his degree while playing football. While living in Denver, Colorado he became a two-time Super Bowl winner working in the front office of the Denver Broncos. Denver is also where he met Jesus.

Richard Stewart

The Early Years

He spent 16 years living in North Georgia, mostly in education, and then in ministry, and also attended Victory World Church Training and Leadership School. He founded a public school youth ministry that he oversaw for its first nine years, and that has to date impacted nearly 1,000 students in Metro Atlanta.

The ministry expanded from one to four schools and saw almost 300 documented salvation experiences, several healing and transformational moves of God, and tangible impact in each community during these years.

The Calling

But even then Richard felt like God was calling him to something more, something greater. After stepping away from ministry for a time, the Lord has given him a new assignment, just months after relocating back to Florida.

This new evangelical movement known as Fire in Action is dedicated to being one of the catalysts for multi-generational revival coming to the church. Fire In Action wants to impassion, empower, and activate generations to radically love people with the message of personal daily evangelism.

Ministry in Action
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